We face a Climate Crisis

An irreversible global disaster is approaching

Proud to be Green is a community of green-minded, green-acting businesses, proud to be leading the way to greening-up the UK’s business community.

Our businesses members are driving forwards their sustainability, making the statement that they really care and are doing everything in their power to make change for good. Being green is more than just making token changes – it’s about working together to genuinely achieve long-lasting changes that directly help our planet.

If you are a consumer, the way you target your spending can be an extremely powerful force – you’ve come to the right place to get started.

Our Ethos

As an organisation, we have a very simple aim – to bring about the mass greening-up of the UK business community.

Our view is that everyone needs to take responsibility for their individual environmental footprint, it’s that simple.  As a consumer, whether you’re a company or an individual, you can effect a powerful and ongoing influence in driving forwards sustainability through your conscientious, eco-focussed spending – it’s the way forward.

We’re active in building a community of like-minded businesses who recognise how important their sustainability activity really is, and who are concerned about more than just profit, they are showing commitment to the future of the planet.



There are many fantastic businesses out there doing amazing work to reduce their carbon footprint and to improve their sustainability.

Here we speak to the great people at Two Drifters.

Here to help

We’re here to directly help businesses in their greening-up

This is an incredibly important function and should not be underestimated, the business community across the UK numbers some 5.8 million companies, which represents a massive opportunity for bringing about significant pollution reduction.

Having been involved in the SME sector for over 28 years (in our other businesses), we have a unique understanding of what makes businesses tick.  Bringing together our knowledge and experience was key to creating practical solutions for businesses wishing to green-up, whilst also carrying on their normal trading activity.

There’s lots and lots of talk circulating in terms of the environment, sustainability, etc. but you know how it is – talk is no substitute for direct action and just getting on with the job in hand. We have developed a totally unique and complete solution for businesses, enabling them to professionally and rapidly green-up.