• Devonshire magazine in print, 42 tons every year

42 tons to zero in one clean move

In print, Devonshire magazine was the largest circulation glossy in Devon, over 900 outlets across Devon received stocks of the magazine.  In the photograph above, what you see is just one half of an issue’s magazines at store in East Devon, the other half being stored at our South Devon store at Newton Abbot ready for distribution.

White, shiny paper – it can’t possibly be dirty can it?  Put it like this, it certainly ain’t green.  You’re talking chemical processing, masses of electric, water, trees, China clay, transportation, just to manufacture the paper.   Let’s not discuss all the chemicals used in the printing plant, nor the electric requirements of the presses, drying plant, collating, folding and cropping plant   No, it certainly isn’t green, especially when you also consider the petrol and diesel required to drag the final printed magazine across Devon by our delivery team.  But that’s not the end of it – what about all the chemicals, electric, water, diesel, etc., required to recycle this paper once the magazine had been finally read!


42 TONS OF PAPER – the cost!

It’s incredible when you read the stats below, the environmental cost just to make the paper for what was Devon’s largest circulation glossy magazine:

  • Trees – 1008 trees
  • Water – over 76 million litres
  • Electric – 442,562 kWh
  • CO2 – 386,400 lbs


Paper and pulp mill – right

“The amount of paper and paper products used is so enormous that the environmental impact of the pollution caused by it is also very significant.”  (source: Environmental Law)  If you go to Wikipedia, the environmental damage caused by paper literally jumps off the page it’s that bad!





The good news

We ceased print production of the magazine in January 2019 and moved the magazine to being fully-digital from the March 19 issue onwards.  Any regrets? You may ask – absolutely none at all for the following reasons.

Digital magazines:

  • Reach a larger, more diverse audience effortlessly, anywhere in the world, and at any time
  • Play video off the page – so sound and vision within a magazine
  • Digital mags are interactive, colours are infinitely richer
  • More genuine content because we no longer have to worry about covering the cost of print – actually our genuine content has increased by 300%
  • There’s no longer a requirement for a reader to have a physical magazine in order to be able to read the magazine, just a device
  • Digital magazines are super-green
  • Our advert rates are half of what they used to be – fantastic for businesses!

We’d never go back to print because digital improves on the print offering, whilst being totally environmentally friendly.

Digital rules!


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