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It’s in our hands to help our environment

Let’s make no bones about it, we’re all consumers.  How much or little we consume is down to the individual, but at whatever end of the scale, it’s down to each of us to help our environment.

Greening-up the business sector

Our main mission is to tackle the business sector, there are currently 5.7 million businesses in Britain.  Environmental laws are in place to prevent pollution, although there is no green legislation to reduce waste and lower environmental footprint.  Businesses can do what they want within the anti-pollutions laws.  We need businesses to come on-board and green-up their operations voluntarily.  Legislation if brought in could be extremely hard to implement, it’d certainly be very expensive as you’d have to monitor, and the resulting admin burden on businesses could be crippling.  We have over 25 years of experience dealing with the business sector as a media company. 

The Team

Nigel Jones (Founder) - Proud to be Green


Ryan Gray - Business Development Manager Northern England

Managing Director

Helen Mulvaney (Media Analyst) - Proud to be Green

Communications Director

Emma Askew (Eco Learning & Education) - Proud to be Green

Director of Eco Learning & Education

Monty Halls TV presenter and naturalist

TV Presenter & Naturalist

Philip Jones - Office Manager

Philip Jones
Office Manager

Expert Panel


Politics & Lobbying

CSR & Ethics

Environmental Consultant

Environmental Campaigner
& Science Communicator

Marketing Expert

A green-minded cause

A message from the Founder

"Some of my earliest memories as a teenager, visiting my local river in North Wales (mid 1970s), seeing salmon and sea trout coming into the river, fresh from the sea, a truly unforgettable and inspiring sight, muscular bars of silver starting their migration upstream, something that’s been taking place since the end of the ice-age.  Within a few years things changed dramatically, these migratory runs of fish seemed to diminish rapidly - at this point I realised things were afoot.  Another occurrence along the beautiful coastline of North Wales were the sewerage ships, basically they’d take raw human sewerage in ships and dump it along the bay - there was something extremely disturbing about this exercise, a complete and utter disregard for our environment undoubtedly.    I knew way back that us humans were not having the best influence on our planet, but realised that the sheer level of apathy back then meant the chances of having any way to change things were pretty hopeless.

"Thankfully our mindset has changed, although the price we’re paying for the many decades of abuse is now coming home to roost. Plastic is vilified, there’s nothing wrong with plastic, it’s a wonder material resolving all sorts of design requirements, the issue is how we’ve abused this fantastic material. Also, our supermarkets have much to answer for - they are finally realising that they have a corporate social responsibility - we spend our money with them, but entrust them to do the right-thing when it comes to the way they utilise that cumulative public spend (which has made them wealthy and powerful). Of course, our political system is inherently flawed, you only have to look at how some of our politicians have been bought by the big internet companies (naming no names Nick!), there’s an unhealthy open door that MPs have in Westminster for consultancy work, something we need to rectify. Corruption is prevalent across the world - money talks as they say - the best we can do is change what happens in London, we certainly have major problems at Westminster." - Nigel Jones

What's the solution?

The most powerful, simplest solution we all have under our control is how we spend our money - that’s it really.  By ensuring that you are spending your money with green businesses, buying green products and services, best of all buying locally made and grown, you’re having a direct influence over carbon footprint, waste and pollution.

Why Proud to be Green?

Because businesses need to be shown the way - many, many have seen the light already, but need help to convey their greenness to consumers, we can help them.  What’s really encouraging is how eager many businesses are to jump on-board the green bandwagon.  Many businesses are also now realising the error of their ways and want to start greening up - again we can help - we’re here to help every business to green up, reduce their carbon footprint, waste and pollution.

Why our organisation?

We’ve been in business for over 25 years continuously as a media company, we know about marketing and are a multi-disciplined organisation.  The opportunity to launch our green scheme came about by way of an idea to celebrate our quarter of a century in business. 

About our infrastructure

What’s really important is to tap into ‘People Power’. For all the people that are apathetic, there are many, many more people now that are really motivated, keen to do something, rather than sit about complaining.  Some of our contributors are professionals with a wealth of experience at hand - this is particularly important for our organisation to be able to tap into.  Being commercial means we can react quickly, not be threatened by the lack of continuity funding, we’re leaner, and also as a professional marketing company, we know what how to communicate with people and exploit all the channels.  There’s no middle-man, our decisions can be implemented immediately without recourse to extensive and sometimes cripplingly restrictive meetings.

Our Future

Are we going to let apathy dictate and govern the future of our planet? - hopefully not.  We all need to become actively involved, I reckon that if each of us took control of our own environmental footprint, we could achieve extremely rapid change.  Schools now are taking a major role, children are being educated on the climate crisis, but they’re a generation away from where we need to be.  If you have children / grandchildren, then you know it’s not so much about  yourself, but the future of your family.  Children don’t have control of the purse-strings, or businesses, it’s the adults that are in control.  Considering that we have 5.7 million businesses across the UK, there are significant benefits to be had by making even minor changes within the business sector - this is were we step in - please help us!

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