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Carter-Derrick Carpets

When looking for British or New Zealand Wool carpets, Natural Flooring (Sisal etc), rugs & stair runners Carter-Derrick Carpets supply excellent quality products in a kaleidoscope of colours, shades, textures and brands which are naturally kind to the planet. We also promise knowledgeable advice, excellent service and fair pricing in all we provide, thus enabling you to purchase with confidence. Visit us at Carter-Derrick Carpets and experience for yourself a customer service of courtesy, care, and fundamental values.

Memberships and Milestones

Carter-Derrick Carpets’ memberships and milestones

Company Mission Statement

Our ethos at Carter-Derrick Carpets from the very beginning was simply wool carpets were by far undoubtedly the better product from which a carpet could be manufactured, in it being a natural fibre, sheared from the sheep, a product of softness, quality and strength, supplying a longevity of underfoot comfort. This, at the end of its life, can return to the planet as natural wastage, thus the circle of life evolves again. Sisal, Seagrass, Natural flooring from the plant, a product many fear to work with is merely a coarser fibre, a natural product which suits many homes, not forgetting the environment, we are known as Carter-Derrick Carpets “The Classic Carpet Specialist Of Topsham” we supply just that classic pieces of wool or natural fibres, this we will continue to do, it being as pleasing to work with as it is to know those who entered our shop left with that they required, after almost fifty years in the wool carpet and natural flooring trade it is still a pleasure to work with these products.

Working greener

Our shop floor is carpeted with wool carpet, our lighting systems are all low voltage.

Our goals for 2020

Our target is to achieve:

  • Continue to provide information and quality, sustainable natural products to each of our customers, old and news


Carter-Derrick Carpets

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