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Cottonsafe Natural Mattresses

Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress

As the only truly 100% chemical-free mattress manufacturer in the UK, we lead the industry. Being a small and trusted family business, we are passionate about informing the public about the toxic effects of fire-retardant chemicals on health and the environment. We are actively lobbying the government to ban these chemicals from our homes. Unlike ALL other manufacturers, our mattresses contain NO fire-retardant chemicals, foam or adhesives.

Awards & Memberships

Our awards and memberships

Company Mission Statement

Handcrafted in Woodbury, Devon, we make a large range of mattresses which are supremely comfortable, healthy and safe and have no negative environmental impact. We produce mattresses for all budgets, including children’s mattresses.

We believe the public have a right to know what is in the furniture they are buying. We believe the mattress industry is deceptive and misleading. Be aware that mattress companies can claim they are chemical-free whilst still using fire retardants and glues with no repercussions.

Extensive research has shown that many fire-retardant chemicals are endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic. These chemicals are both skin permeable and airborne having a damaging effect on our family’s health (including our pets) and the environment. So, at Cottonsafe® we have developed solutions proven, by academic research and the Fire Brigade, to be far safer.

Working greener

At Cottonsafe® we:

Use NO chemicals or spray adhesives – therefore protecting our customers and our production team.

Don’t use foams or natural latex – as these HAVE TO use fire retardant chemicals (by law) to pass UK fire regulations.

Analyse and source all our raw materials with utmost care, assessing their suitability and impact on the environment and human health.

Locally source mattress filling such as Dartmoor wool, and use raw materials that produce the minimum off-gassing to meet Circular Economy requirements.

Clearly label products as meeting the Stockholm Convention for recycling.

We offer our brochure as a download to save on printing and postage.

We recycle offcuts of wool and animal fibres which are donated to another business in the UK who focus on creating sustainable pillows and home décor instead of going into landfill.

Despatch our products in recyclable polythene bags with a polite request to ensure the packaging is recycled. Waste plastic and packaging material from incoming supplies is separated and collected by a recycling company. Polythene and polyester are totally recyclable and important to the Circular Economy.


Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress has spent years developing and patenting materials which meet the UK fire regulations without the use of chemicals. Our Patent for our Cottonsafe® fabric which meets the highest levels of fire safety without chemicals was granted.

We became registered with The Vegan Society – first ever accredited chemical free Vegan mattresses and pillows.

At the NEC International Furniture Show 2017 we received a Highly Commended accolade:

“Backed by a passionate story of natural materials, the innovative, sustainable and undeniably comfortable Cottonsafe® was deemed well worthy of praise.”

The Mandarin Oriental Luxury Hotel Group have said this about us:

“At Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group we are committed to doing more for a sustainable future and always look for ways to further advance sustainability practices. The Cottonsafe® natural and chemical free mattress is a wonderful product allowing us to do both; provide a luxurious mattress with a chemical free sleep experience for our guests and use a sustainable mattress with no landfill residue.”
Anja Luthje. Group Director of Rooms and Quality.

The World’s First Chemical Free Hotel Mattress.

Shortlisted in the Made in the South West awards 2016.

The first mattress company to be involved in University and Fire Brigade full-scale furniture fire testing.

Our goals for 2020

Our hope is to shape the UK mattress industry and inform the public about the risks of these toxic chemicals. By lobbying our government until these chemicals are banned, as they are elsewhere in the world, we hope to make a safer future for all.

Our green products

All mattresses, even if they are called ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, are not equal in terms of their green credentials. Manufacturers use the fire-retardant chemicals both inside and on the outer cover of the mattress to meet the furniture fire regulations. Be aware, the government says that they do not have to tell you if they use the chemicals or not – it is classified as a “safety matter”. However, as academic research has proven, it is not necessary to use these chemicals to provide a completely fire-safe mattress.

At Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress not only do we not use ANY chemicals, we hand-stitch our mattresses with flax. This means no glues or adhesives – we simply make good, honest mattresses with nothing to hide.

We use our patented Cottonsafe® cover fabric of organic cotton and wool or our pure polyester fabric – which has the lowest fabric carbon footprint – for our Vegan and hypoallergenic mattresses. We use wonderful natural fillings such as Cotton, Dartmoor Wool, Alpaca fleece and Cashmere as well as Vegan fillings which include Bamboo and Hemp. All our mattresses are Stockholm Convention Compliant for recycling and unlike all other mattresses, are labelled as such.

We’d love you to visit our factory and showroom in Woodbury, near Exeter, to see how and where all our mattresses are made, have a bounce and find out more.


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