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At DCW, we specialise in the collection, processing, recycling and disposal of commercial waste for companies of all sizes in the South West. Since 1989, we have provided tailored waste management solutions to local businesses and look forward to continuing to serve the business community in Devon, Cornwall and parts of Somerset for years to come.

Company Mission Statement

At DCW we can meet any requirement for the safe, compliant and environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of commercial waste. We have the ability to tailor the services that we provide to the needs of your organisation, allowing you to maximise the benefits that you receive and improve the efficiency of your commercial waste handling procedures.

DCW offers a complete range of services that divert more than 30,000 tonnes of waste from landfill each year, preventing around 500 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and saving 200,000 barrels of oil.

DCW was the first company in the south west to offer a Zero to Landfill waste solution and remains the only operator to extract recycling from mixed waste instead of sending all materials to energy-from-waste.

DCW strives to help businesses across the South West become greener, through a cost effective and sustainable waste management solution.

Working greener

Our new headquarters will be built to an improved, sustainable design. In addition to sustainably sourced materials, the building will include up to 200 solar panels to supply the building’s electricity needs, electric vehicle charging points, air source heat pumps, low-energy LED lighting and energy efficient glass.

All DCW vans have a large carrying capacity to allow for economical collections. We have opted for an aluminium body instead of steel as it will have a much longer life – around 25 years instead of 8 used in this application, which further reduces our carbon footprint.


DCW celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019, after starting business in 1989 with a £400 investment. Today, DCW is a £9m enterprise employing over 70 staff and has recently acquired two local companies – County Skips and Alpha Logic – further expanding services across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. DCW was the first company in the South West to offer a Zero to Landfill solution, meaning that all materials that may be recycled, are. DCW is the only Zero to Landfill company in the South West to process general waste, rather than sending all resource to waste-to-energy.

In March 2017, DCW’s HQ was devastated by a fire. DCW not only survived the shock destruction of its facility by fire last year but retained all customers without any service interruption. Furthermore, DCW closed 2017 with a tremendous 75% growth in net profit and forecasts growth to be sustained in 2019. DCW now empties over 6500 bins every week (soon to be more with further expansion into Cornwall). Since DCW began in 1989, we have processed over 1.25million tonnes of waste (that’s the same weight as 171 Eiffel Towers). Since DCW began in 1989, we have recycled over 800,000 tonnes of waste.

Our goals for 2020

We are building our new 1,300m2 headquarters on Marsh Barton Industrial Estate in Exeter. The new premises will be built to an improved, sustainable design to house new facilities and achieve an internationally-recognised BREEAM sustainability rating of Excellent. The new headquarters will handle up to 75,000 tonnes of mixed waste and recycling each year.

Our green products

As well as waste collection, we offer cost-effective on-site baling and packing equipment for sites to handle waste including cardboard and plastic. We have a large selection of mill size balers and waste compactors available at prices to suit most budgets. We can tailor short or long term rental packages to suit you with options to include maintenance support.

Green services

DCW works with businesses and organisations across Devon and Cornwall and parts of Somerset, providing cost effective, environmentally sustainable waste management solutions. Our Zero to Landfill solution which ensures that no waste goes to landfill was the first of its kind in Devon and the south west. We remain the only Zero to Landfill operator in the region to process waste for recycling, rather than sending it all to Energy from Waste plants for incineration.

Our sustainable solution provides materials to the manufacturing industry, creating jobs at all stages of the processing journey. Zero to Landfill saves resources and energy, reduces our region’s carbon footprint, and promotes a sustainable business community.

We work with our clients to design bespoke solutions that meet their needs while producing a high-quality recycling resource. This means that the majority of the waste we collect can be recycled. Waste that can’t be recycled is processed for Energy from Waste, ensuring that nothing is sent to landfill. We offer a range of specialist waste disposal services, all of which operate under Zero to Landfill. DCW removes the hassle of waste management and offers businesses a simple way to boost their green credentials.


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