Project Description

Devon Dens

Devon Dens

An extraordinary, off-grid retreat hidden down deep lanes, Devon Dens offers year-round accommodation in two stunning eco-cabins. Perfectly placed between Dartmoor and gorgeous Cornish beaches, guests can immerse themselves in nature whilst discovering the hidden delights of West Devon.

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Company Mission Statement

Devon Dens has ecologically sound principles running through its very core. The site is designed to provide a place for guests to stay in beautiful surroundings with a light carbon footprint, where they can reconnect with nature and see environmentally sound principles in practice. Our aim is to promote West Devon whilst inspiring, encouraging and educating visitor’s to make small changes in their own lives, to become engaged with their natural surroundings and to leave with a better understanding of how to live a greener life.

Working greener

Ecologically sounds practices carried out at Devon Dens

  • Power is provided by solar
  • Cabins made by local company using sustainable, local wood
  • Grey water is treated through a reed bed filtration system
  • Toilets are compost
  • All food waste is composted
  • Compost is eventually used to mulch hedges, trees and to enrich the raised beds
  • The kitchen garden produces food for guests
  • Fire pit wood is provided from off-cuts from our carpentry business
  • Eco -friendly toiletries are provided
  • Guests can order locally sourced produce in advance
  • Maps are provided showing a variety of walks from the gate, so guests can have car free days
  • The pond is planted with native wetland plants, to encourage healthy biodiversity and is currently teeming with baby toads, frogs and water boatmen
  • Freedom hives are on site providing homes for wild honey bees, which pollenate our produce and produce honey
  • Lots of info for guests and social media followers


Listed as The Guardians Top 15 places to stay in the UK

We are using renewable power

Cabins were built using sustainable, local wood

Green Tourism Silver award

Our goals for 2020

Our target is:

  • For the kitchen garden to be producing food year-round for guests
  • To be harvesting over 50% of rainwater for use in the garden
  • Researching and investing in electric bikes using the excess solar in summer
  • To continue to make guests happy whilst providing an environmentally friendly space

Devon Dens

A woodland eco campsite offering peaceful and private off-grid camping

Devon Dens Eco-Friendly campsite
Lots of eco-friendly huts in Devon
Devon Dens is an off-grid site
A Devon Den


Devon Dens
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