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organicARTS is an educational charity that promotes the arts and rural issues through educational visits and walks, classes, workshops, community projects, exhibitions and performances. These take place at West Town Farm and in the wider community.

Company Mission Statement

organicARTS recognises the importance of climate change, reduction of resources, and the issues related to these which affect our due care for the environment. We are committed to being an environmentally responsible organisation, understanding that this is an ongoing and continuous process. We will seek to reduce the amount of energy and other resources we consume and will work with our staff, volunteers and participants to achieve this. We will promote environmentally responsible ways of working in our local community.

Working greener

Not only is recycling a priority but reducing our intake of single use products is a necessity. We use natural materials and things we grow to run creative projects, rather than buy new materials. We use willow to create sculptures, baskets and wreaths; flowers and plants to make natural dyes and flower prints, and wood to make stools. Volunteers grow food and then make soup for lunch which we all eat. All cleaning products are minimally effective on the environment and we use recycled paper to print on and always print double sided when possible. We have plants in our office to naturally filter the air. All refreshments are fair trade and sustainable sourced.


Became a member of Proud to be Green

2016 DEBI Award Winner

‘The judges were very impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication of the team and felt they had gone above and beyond in terms of environmental sustainability. And that West Town Farm was an invaluable resource for those who have little other contact with nature’.

Our goals for 2020

To achieve our environmental objectives we will:

  • Further our education of visitors about the benefits of the use of natural materials and processes
  • Reduce our current carbon footprint
  • Reduce our use of paper, by increasing the use of electronic media and reducing the amount of internal printing
  • Reuse paper and other items
  • Recycling as much of our waste as possible and using 100% recycled products, where available
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Use hand tools rather than electric ones
  • Use and process natural materials
  • Grow our own food
  • Raise awareness of and provide ideas for action on environmental issues to participants, making this part of our core work


organicARTS in Devon

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