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Richmond Independent Financial Advice

Richmond Independent Financial Advisors

Richmond Independent is a long established, independent financial advice practice which has been providing advice on retirement planning, investments, savings and Inheritance tax planning for over 27 years in East Devon. Our clients receive personal attention and in-depth advice tailored to their own, individual needs.  One of our specialists areas is ethical and green investments.

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Company Mission Statement

“I have many clients that have been with us over the long term and over the years I have got to know many of my clients and their families very well (founded in 1992). I often continue to advise sons, daughters, relatives, friends and neighbours of existing clients.  Green and ethical investing has very much come to the fore over the last few years, and it’s now quite often that clients will inquire about these type of investments. I provide impartial, cost-effective, tailored solution for your needs. Let’s face it the tax and financial world are becoming increasingly complex and engaging a independent adviser is undoubtedly going to be one of your most important decisions. Our expertise and years of experience will be invaluable.” 

Helen Mulvaney, Proprietor

Working greener

As a home-office based company, we’re delighted to say that the environmental footprint of our company is small.  Personally, I consider that increased home-working is the way forward, the technology already exists to exploit this greener way of working, even for large corporate entities.  The biggest saving of course being that of pollution created through commuting to and from the workplace.  Our other aims now remains to reduce the paper workflow and energy consumption in the office.


We’ve managed to significantly cut down on paper consumption and laser toner cartridge use. Much of the information obtained for clients is in an electronic format, and as our clients are increasingly becoming computer literate, they seem fine with this.  

However, our client base is predominantly an elderly one and there are still many that expect paper documentation, but this is gradually changing and wherever possible, we try to supply digital only.

We’ve adapted to East Devon District Council’s new recycling scheme, fully separating recycling materials from the general waste.

We’ve started using a document sharing cloud service between employees to prevent using and posting paper.

Our goals for 2020

Our target is to achieve:

  • A totally paperless office
  • Implement Cloud based storage

Our Green Products

‘Green’ can said to work at many levels. There’s a general term that’s become widely recognised, combining not just environmental, but social and governance factors, There is probably no agreed industry wide definition of ESG investing – but it could be described as seeking to incorporate 3 factors into a fund manager’s investment decisions. ESG investing covers 3 important areas:-

  1. Environmental – taking into account climate change, greenhouse emissions, renewable energy, resource depletion, waste and pollution and deforestation
  2. Social – working conditions, local communities, conflict, health and safety, employee relations and diversity
  3. Governance – executive pay, bribery and corruption, political lobbying and broad diversity.

The depth of these objectives means that achieving an ESG outcome is time consuming and complex, and continual screening of funds and companies is required to ensure that the overall fund will keep meeting investors expectations. Because we have many clients asking for ESG, it means that we can spread the time-cost of this type of screening down to a minimum for our clients.  As independent financial advisers, we are able to provide clients with planning and products from the whole of the financial marketplace.

Green Services

Perhaps your lifestyle is one where you appreciate our environment, countryside and wildlife and where you personally do your very best to limit pollution and waste.  Equally, you may also have a strong sense of fairness and justice and want the companies that you invest in to act with integrity. Therefore you may wish to carry through these principles as much as possible to your investment choices. As of last year, funds under management in socially responsible investment reached £16bn and therefore there is a distinct trend which means more and more funds are being invested this way and increasingly there is more choice in this type of investing.

Recent media coverage of the huge environmental damage to our environment and climate change has triggered a big interest from ordinary investors in funds which seek to avoid harm. We discuss with clients how this can be achieved through investment choices and the main theme to this type of investment is Ethical, Social Governance (known as ESG).


We provide advice and planning services for a wide range of green
and ethical products available across the financial marketplace


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Richmond Independent is a trading name of Investment & Financial Solutions Partnership LLP which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 6 Bennetts Hill, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 9XH