Lost in the greening-up wilderness?

We’ll help you find the way

How we help your business

The biggest question surrounding greening-up is ‘what do we do?’

It’s a natural human question, and the reality is that if you’re starting out on this task without help, then the first job you’ll need to undertake is to research the subject – a bit like being dropped off in the wilderness without a compass!  This subject area is vast, so what we have done is create the GAIA Standards Digital Guide. We’ve carried out many months of research in order to compile and write this set of standards and information which contain literally everything you need in terms of background information about each relevant greening-up task.

GAIA Sustainability Guide for Businesses

Keeping it real

It was necessary to make this wealth of information accessible in a simple and manageable format for organisations.

The first issue we addressed was specifically how these standards would apply – it’s the case that most businesses have fairly individual work-based environments, so our standards would have to reflect this – we provide 10 specific environment modules, which can be selected in varying combinations, depending on the organisation’s operation.  Each of these environments contains up to 14 key components.

Making life simple

What we’ve done is to distill down the information and standards contained from the GAIA Standards Digital Guide into easily accessible question-sets, which drive the whole process. There needed to be a process to manage these as simply as possible – this is where we decided to create EasyStep, our green-up toolkit.  This stores information, provides scoring and utilises traffic light colour coding to make the process about as easy as it’s ever going to get.