The Complete Greening-up Solution

Out of the box sustainability solution
Out of the box sustainability solution - mobile

A logical and powerful turn-key solution to greening-up, straight out of the box!

Poorly conceived systems requiring repetitive, unnecessary admin can be profoundly demotivating.  Proud to be Green’s scheme is built with this in mind, the goal being to enable super-productivity in your greening-up activity.  We’ve carried out extensive research (GAIA) and built highly productive software (EasyStep) to simplify and speed your progress.

GAIA Sustainability Guide for Businesses

GAIA research at your fingertips

Our comprehensive GAIA Standards reference information and standards will save your team literally hundreds of hours of valuable time.

This resource is embedded directly within EasyStep, just a click away.

EasyStep is our bespoke Sustainability Manager

You’re busy… we understand

That’s why we’ve developed our EasyStep Sustainability Software specifically to make greening-up rapid and easy.