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Welcome to Origin

Helping both consumers and green British producers

As a consumer, there are many great reasons why you should be buying British, but critically, buying British means minimal Carbon Miles.

Origin Goals

  • Enable growers/producers to show their British provenance to consumers

  • Promote British as greenest – having zero requirement for flight/ferries

  • Enable consumers to easily identify products of British origin

  • Support resurgence in making/growing across Britain

  • Promote quality and provenance above cost

  • Resolve issue with product labelling – showing British provenance

Food & Drink

  • Buy food and drink produced within your region, otherwise within Britain if possible.

  • Organic benefits our natural environment, it is kinder to the land and generally healthier than intensively farmed.

  • If consuming meat, ensure raised humanely, with high level of husbandry and in low intensity organic environments.

  • Be prepared to spend more and to eat less, to really appreciate and enjoy high quality produce.

Made in Britain

  • Purchase products that are made to last.

  • Support our British producers.

  • Help the resurgence in British making.

  • Cheap is not always best, particularly if from overseas as environmental footprint can be considerable and money leaves our own local communities.

  • Support your local retail outlets, particularly if stocking British grown/made products.

Generally thinking

  • Plastic packaging is environmentally damaging, buy items without plastic as much as possible.

  • Throwaway consumerism is un-green.

  • Show support for change – where there are issues currently, work-in-progress attitude required within many sectors.
    Your financial support will help bring about change. Being discerning as a consumer is vital.

  • Be prepared to spend more and to eat less, to really appreciate and enjoy high quality produce.

Scheme totally free for any
/ producer / manufacturer to use

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