Over the last few weeks, we’ve been out of the office meeting some of our members who have agreed to be included in some of our visual content.  Our team is busy creating a video with some of the companies who are doing great things for the environment.  It’s an absolute pleasure getting out to see members first hand and learning about the steps they’re taking to be more green.

Zero waste dispensers at Nourish Zero Waste

For our first shoot we visited Nourish Zero Waste on Fore Street in Topsham, which was one of the first ‘zero-waste’ shops to open in the UK. This format is growing in popularity across the country, as shoppers look towards cutting out plastic and making green-conscious purchasing decisions.  Nourish has been at the forefront since March 2018 since it was founded by Sarah Martin, who wanted to make it as easy as possible to be zero-waste!  During our visit, we took some video, and learnt more about Sarah & her business.

Chillies for sale at Nourish Zero Waste in Topsham

A teacher in a former life, Sarah wanted to be more eco-conscious in her day to day shopping but couldn’t find anywhere that matched her ethos.  When Nourish of Topsham was born, it was at the time, one of the only zero waste shops in the UK; the success has been such that Sarah has opened an additional shop in Magdalen Road, becoming Nourish Zero Waste

Shoppers can purchase everything from metal straws, pop-up mugs to loose cereals, nuts, pulses, over fifty different herbs and spices. There is even milk dispensers which allow customers to blend their milk with other ingredients to make some delicious combinations!

Before we left, I purchased some metal straws.  They come in many different colours and you can even buy a special brush that can be used to clean the straws as well.

I am so happy that businesses like Nourish are Proud to be Green.  If your business thrives on being green, why not drop us a line and learn more about becoming a member and some of the benefits being Proud to be Green brings.