A couple of weeks ago, Proud to be Green was kindly invited along to a workshop session given by Emma Askew.  Emma wears many hats and as well as wearing one for Proud to be Green as our Eco Learning & Education guru, she is also amongst other things an environmental campaigner – being the brains behind the documentary Breakwater – SW representative for Surfers Against Sewage and an Environmental Consultant.

She has worked tirelessly to promote the damage that we are doing to our oceans and with her latest venture Earth Minutes, an environmental research and film production company, her work continues.

On a cold autumnal Friday, we met in the Daw Room at Devon County Council where Emma would be talking to representatives from schools across Devon for her ‘Two Sides of the Ocean’ workshop.  Students would get to flex their creative muscles, taking inspiration from the work of artist John Harfield, by producing their own images showing the duality of wildlife and the warming of the oceans.

This was part of the UK Youth Parliament Climate Change Forum, that had a number of workshops and events for students to attend on the day.  With teachers in tow, delegates were booked into a number of inspirational workshops with climate scientists and campaigners within the wood-paneled surroundings of the council chambers.

My take-away from the event was one of encouragement and hope.  Outside the chambers, the Extinction Rebellion held another protest as part of their Friday school shut-down, and whether you agree with their message or not, the crowd gathered next to a PA and clustered amongst were students, performance artists and a shared hope that they might influence the powers that be to make a change.  Their presence was invigorating, and although

Delegates crowded around the window, even some decided to join in with music and chanting rather than attend the workshops. But it didn’t distract too much from the day!

Emma’s message was clear and within a short space of time, she communicated the dangers of ocean warming and the constant job of promoting awareness, creative solutions, and social media campaigns are particularly important to Surfer’s Against Sewage with the best designs from the day to appear on their channels

For more information about the important work that Surfer’s Against Sewage undertakes follow them on social media.