Veg in a Box

For nearly eight months Proud to be Green has been talking to companies who want to green up or who are already doing fantastic things for the environment.  Our members are spread across a wide range of industries, and they all share a concern. A concern that our planet is changing and that we all need to do something about it.

Proud to be Green has companies across the South West and the UK who are pledging themselves to be greener and in the new year, hopefully, we can continue to spread the message with our network of advisers across the country.

2019 is the year we started our own journey, in May this year Proud to be Green started accepting memberships from local businesses.  It was amazing how passionate and committed many businesses were to our message, and we had grown to a scheme with 65 members by the end of the summer.

As a result, we’ve planted 65 trees as well, one for every member business.  We’ll continue to do this for each new member that we sign up.

Later on in the year, the mammoth task of recruiting a national network of Membership Advisers started in earnest. We now have a comprehensive spread of over 32 membership advisors from Scotland and Northern Ireland, all the way down to Cornwall, eager and ready to assist businesses in taking the first steps in their greening-up journey or to improve what they are already doing.

We were also busy visiting some of our member businesses, creating visuals and video as we started the YouTube channel in August bringing you a video nearly every week! Our YouTube channel will continue to bring you environmental news and guests in the new year.

It was a real treat to be able to attend the SW Business Expo that took place in November at Westpoint arena too.  Santa was in attendance too with various elves, and it’s not suprising after all, it is the second biggest business fair in the UK! 4000 people attended, and we spoke to many many businesses who were really keen to green-up.

In the new year, we have some news to announce and some exciting, significant changes to Proud to be Green.  From everyone at HQ and Alfie, have a happy Christmas and we will see you in the new year.