As a publishing and media business we’ve had laser printers for many years, mainly because if you need to create paper documents, the laser is affordable and fairly reliable for larger runs.  However, as you know, the problem with lasers is that they use a massive amount of energy in comparison to inkjet printers (roughly speaking, 20 times as much!), because when the toner is fixed to the paper (with a chemical fixer in the machine) the rollers get heated-up in order to fuse the toner powder onto the paper, requiring much energy.  The other problem is the smell from lasers, and also they can emit micro-fine toner particles that you don’t really want to breath into your lungs.  And of course, the final problem, is that of cartridge disposal – in the past they would be re-used and were gladly purchased by companies to refill, but these days you have to pay to get them taken away, not forgetting the volume of plastic that they’re made from!

And of course, you’ll have tried using those irritating inkjets, first they flap their wings like a seagull getting ready for another dive bombing mission, then you get the error message saying “out of ink!” which comes in containers that hold about a dessert spoon of ink – what an absolute wind-up when you have printing and work to get out of the way.  But there’s hope I can tell you, we had another go at the inkjet route in the middle of last year, one that shouted out from review websites was this Epson ET-4750, mainly because of its large ink reservoirs which promised genuine high volume printing.

The good news is that so far it’s been a great printer, used across our mini-network, it seems to be able to just get on with the work thrown at it.  If you look at the pic, you can see the ink bottles are large, and not expensive.  The only downside seems to be the refill bottles, could have been toughened glass, but who knows, perhaps in the future the manufacturer might consider this move!  Current cost is around £330 including VAT.

The Epson black ink bottle which is good for 7,500 pages (127ml – original), costs about £13.58 including VAT, so extremely affordable.  By comparison, a black ink cartridge for a Canon Pixma IP4700 is about £12.50 for 10ml – making the Epson one twelfth the cost!