Terms and Conditions

Your membership with PtbG is provided on an annual-only basis. Membership of the PtbG scheme entitles your company to use the PtbG logo on all of your marketing vehicles and products, allowing your company to demonstrate to consumers that your company is a member of the scheme. A company profile page is provided for your business on the PtbG website, enabling you to demonstrate to consumers the constituents green efforts and planning effective within your company operation, products and services.  It is the responsibility of your company to provide the information about your company to the PtbG staff in order that we can populate your company profile page.  Failure of your company to provide this information does not extinguish your membership or booking.  The membership fee is due annually and at the start of your membership you will be invoiced at the start of the next month. Membership of the PtbG scheme effectively licenses your company to use the PtbG logo for the term of your membership. If your company later decides to leave the membership, please be aware that we do not provide a part-refund of the membership fee. Membership is only conferred when the membership fee has been paid in full for the year in question. If you cease to be a member, you are required to withdraw all usage and instances of the PtbG logo and any references to it, or the scheme itself, and this must be carried out strictly within ten working days (see Cessation of membership – case: a) below).  For as long as your company uses any of the products or services of PtbG, then that company agrees that it is bound by these conditions.

Use of logo by your company

When using the PtbG logo, you are required to use it within the parameters set out by our Marketing Usage sheet is provided to your company at the commencement of membership.

Expert phone support

If you take out our Frameworks business green-up scheme that is included within the Green Star package, at outset you also are required to purchase an hour of Expert Phone Support, purchased at £70/hr rate.  If you need to run over this time period and require more help, additional time is available to purchase at the same price. This service is provided at cost with our expert in order to provide the very best support available without penalty. The hour purchased can be broken down into a minimum of 15 minute time slots, so for instance, you may need to discuss sustainability issues for 15 minutes, followed by our expert having to go off and research for 30 minutes, which would leave you another 15 minutes remaining.

References to the scheme by your company

When referring to the PtbG scheme in any of your marketing literature, be it on paper, or digitally, you need to be aware that there is a PtbG Statement Sheet that shows how you should to refer to the scheme and this also sets the limits for usage.  It is required that you abide with the stipulations of this document.  This is also supplied at the commencement of membership.

Code of conduct

If any false claims are made by a member on their profile page, which are subsequently brought to our attention, then we may request that the company in question ceases membership immediately, which would be from the date of receiving our emailed instruction. See Cessation of membership case b) below

Please be aware that when your annual membership fee becomes due for the following year, you will be invoiced off our fully automated billing system.  If you wish to cease membership and cancel the renewal process, you need to let us know fourteen days previous to the renewal date, otherwise you’re automatically included for the following year.

Cessation of membership

In the case where your company’s membership has ceased, you are required to withdraw all usage and instances of the PtbG logo and any references to it, see below


  1. A failure to cease using the PtbG logo and any references to the scheme  within ten working days will result in a breach of these terms and conditions and the company in question agree that they automatically become liable for an additional year’s membership.
  2. If any false claims made by a company have been proven by PtbG, and they have been expelled from the scheme, then they have five working days to cease use and instances of PtbG logos and references to the scheme in any of their documents, literature and websites. Their company profile page will be immediately taken off the PtbG website. Failure to comply will result in an automatic £300 fine and may result in court action.  The member agrees to cover PtbG for any court and recover costs arising from such action against the expelled company.

Charges for late and non payment      

On payments received over 28 days from the date of invoice (issued on the 1st of the month), we reserve the right to charge ongoing interest at 8.5%** and an admin fee of £15.  If we’ve received no payment whatsoever from you after your advert has been inserted into 3 consecutive issues, then we will pass on the debt to a debt collection agency and you will be liable for all of the charges generated by them in pursuing the debt from yourself or your company.  By confirming this booking, you agree that you are fully liable for these costs on top of the original display advert costs should we need to pursue outstanding monies from you or your company by engaging a debt recovery agent.  


The PtbG  scheme in no way condones products and services provided by your company, it merely gives your company a means to demonstrate green activity and efforts. We take no responsibility whatsoever for work, services or products provided by your company, and your company agrees to indemnify PtbG against any claims brought by a third party, arising from your company’s business activity.

Definitions: PtbG is the abbreviated version of Proud to be Green.  ‘We’ refers to PtbG.  ’Member’ – a member of the Proud to be Green scheme – basically, a business that has joined the scheme. ‘Our’ – refers to PtbG.  ‘Scheme’ – refers to the PtbG scheme.  ‘You’ and ‘your’- effectively means your company, be it a sole tradership, limited company or otherwise. Please note that PtbG is an abbreviated form of Proud to be Green Ltd