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Don’t know where to start? – no problem!

Proud to be Green’s scheme enables you to start at any point in your greening up journey, offering great flexibility and easy of progression.  This means that when time becomes available to push through your greening-up activity, you can rapidly get on with this important task. We understand that most organisations and specifically companies are busy, so we’ve worked hard to make the whole process as simple, transparent and productive as possible.

Foundations sustainability scheme


Every member coming on-board the Proud to be Green scheme is required to address 15 of the major issues within Foundations and EasyStep. This is a minimum requirement of the scheme and is devised to help each new member make radical changes that will greatly help our planet

Frameworks sutainability scheme


Frameworks means that you have everything at your disposal to push forwards with your organisation’s greening-up and sustainability. Select the work-based environments that match your business model. There are additional modules specifically for the Public and Education sectors. Our solution is complete, both for SMEs and corporations, with our ground-breaking EasyStep software that allows these standards to be implemented with a minimum of fuss and effort. See Frameworks.

Sustainability accreditation


High sustainability scoring in Frameworks means you’re open to becoming accredited – this enables you to show consumers, the public and stakeholders that you are genuinely a green organisation. Our scheme has recently been totally re-engineered to be both robust and comprehensive.

Stage 1 sustainability progress
Stage 2 sustainability progress
Stage 3 sustainability progress