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Joining our green-up programme gives access to the GAIA information resource that’s directly embedded within our ground-breaking sustainability manager EasyStep, so that comprehensive referencing is only ever a click away. You receive a complete, professional and out-of-the-box solution for greening-up your organisation.
You also receive a powerful set of green marketing tools to effectively plug-in your organisation to green consumers (see below).
Stage 1 sustainability progress
Stage 2 sustainability progress
Stage 3 sustainability progress

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We don’t charge the earth

because we want to save the earth

Green Marketing tools

Every organisation joining the scheme additionally have access to a suite of powerful green marketing tools which come fully included in the price.


Portfolio Example

Simple and powerful – if a green-minded consumer searches and you come up in the results, you want their business.  If you’re displaying your green credentials and your competitors aren’t, you have a major advantage over them.

The Profile Page also boosts your website’s SEO and is also used in the Green Directory.

See profile example


Currently, it’s quite difficult for green-minded consumers to find companies providing green products and services, and that are operating their businesses in an environmentally-friendly way.  PROUD to be GREEN’s long-term drive is to create a comprehensive directory of green/eco businesses, products and services across the UK that consumers can tap into. Provision for this at the moment is extremely lacking. (Please note: inclusion in the Green Directory is available for Silver Memberships and above).


Green news and stories

Prove to consumers that your company cares about the planet.  By using story-based content, situated on PROUD to be GREEN website, you’re powerfully validating your green commitment.  This also helps boost your page ranking with search engines and you can also link to this content directly from your own website as proof of your efforts. (Please note: this is for Silver memberships and above)


When we promote your company via Social Media, each post simultaneously gets broadcast across our 4 main channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Additionally, we have options to include your company in our weekly YouTube programme, presented by Chris Gower.  PROUD to be GREEN has a strong multi-channel presence, it’s part of our long-term imperative.


Sustainability for all businesses

Every organisation coming on-board the scheme is required to undertake our Stage 1 Foundations – which is based on our GAIA Standards.  Your company then can progress onto Frameworks either immediately, or at a later stage. Foundations and Frameworks are derived from our comprehensive GAIA sustainability standards, which are cross-referenced to ISO and UN sustainability standards, and have been built by an expert in this field.  Forget expensive sustainability consultancy, our easy to use, jargon-free system is here to help your organisation.  Just select the workplace environment to suit your business and get going!  There are 10 workplace specific models, each with 14 key components. EasyStep is our simple-to-use green-up manager – you get to use this free within the scheme.


There’s nothing better than displaying your company’s green commitment in the office and reception areas.  It shows you’re an ethically-minded company – don’t underestimate this old-fashioned, analogue way of telling consumers you care.  It’s simple and extremely powerful.


We’re passionate about our planet and lowering carbon footprints.  The PROUD to be GREEN message is clear and understandable to consumers that you care about environmental and ethical issues of today.

As a member you get to can the logo to promote your green conviction. There are a multitude of uses, it’s purely down to your marketing creativity.  Please refer to the licensed usage document.


As a Member you receive a PROUD to be GREEN Member window sticker.  We also have high-quality van signage available to purchase if you wish to push your green credentials across your fleet vehicles.  Call 01395 513383 to discuss your signage requirements.


Tree planting for each member

Tree planting is not an instant solution, but the sooner we plant trees in large numbers, the sooner trees gain maturity and trap carbon.  In countries where mass deforestation and loss of habitat has taken place, it’s an absolutely vital function. We have a range of tree-planting options available for business members upon induction.

Scheme Options

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Green programme stages

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Green marketing benefits

Our mission

Our mission is to help and encourage businesses to green-up and also to promote green/eco businesses to consumers.
There are 5.8 million businesses across the UK and the scale of the task in hand is massive in order to achieve significant greening-up in the business community.
Please help us any way you can.